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Transferring Bao Loc Certificate of Deposit via F@st Mobile

Techcombank’s customers now can transfer Bao Loc Certificate of Deposit (CD) with ease thanks to F@st Mobile Application. We believe this feature will bring numerous advantages and benefits to our customers as follow:
  • Easily transfer Bao Loc CD on F@st Mobile.
  • Save more time while making the transfer.
  • Instant and accurate transfer CD with only 3 steps via F@st Mobile:

    • For the transferor:
      • Step 1: Select Bao Loc CD to transfer in the Savings menu.
      • Step 2: Enter interest rate and the transferee information (Full name, ID number, Phone number).
      • Step 3: Enter Smart OTP to authenticate the transfer.
    • For the transferee:
      • Step 1: Select Bao Loc CD to confirm the transfer in the Savings menu.
      • Step 2: Check the certificate information and transaction information.
      • Step 3: Enter Smart OTP to authenticate the transaction.

  • Digitalizing banking experience.
Download F@st Mobile Application to enjoy the feature
  • For iOS:
  • For Android:
  • How to use click here.
  • FAQ click here.
  • May you have any inquiries, please contact Techcombank Customer Service Center: 1800 588 822 (free 24/7).