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Four new customer services available via Techcombank's Hotline

To improve customer experience, Techcombank has continuously developed multi-channel and integrated services along with digitalization efforts. Therefore, since April 1, 2021, Techcombank officially added six new customer services through Call Center, including:
Change debit card usage limit
Change credit card usage limit
Reduce credit limit 
Temporarily deactivate account
Unlock debit card
Unlock credit card
As a part of the Omni-channels integration plan, Techcombank hopes that the additional services can provide a seamless and convenient customers experience; thus, save customers time from having to go to offline locations to seek support which they can now receive online:

 Ensure safe and accurate transactions
 Requests are being handled quickly and promptly 
 Free support service, which operates 24/7, even during public holidays   

Use your registered at Techcombank phone number and contact Techcombank's hotline to receive immediate support: 
☎️ 1800 588 822 (local) or +84 24 3944 6699 (international).
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