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Vision, Mission, and Value


Techcombank aspires to be the best bank and a leading business in Vietnam.



  • To be the preferred and most trusted financial partner of our customers, providing them with a full range of financial products and services through a personalized/customer centric relationship.

  • To provide our employees with a great working environment where they have multiple opportunities to develop, contribute, and build a successful career.

  • To offer our shareholders superior long term returns by executing a fast growth strategy while enforcing rigorous corporate governance and risk management best practices.



Techcombank’s “corporate culture” is based on 5 core values which create strength for Techcombank and is the foundation for the organization’s sustainable development, as well as bring greater success for customers.

1. Customer centricity:

"Because we only succeed when customers succeed"

Techcombank always put ourselves in customers’ position in every thought and action to bring the best benefits and experience for customers. We protect our customers' interests by always complying with the laws and the Bank’s regulations.

2. Innovation & Creativeness : 

"To always lead"

All Techcomers are always ready to lead the change to create new results with new working ways, and great results with breakthrough ways.

3. Collaboration for common objectives: 

"To form a collective strength for a sustainable development and greater success with the Bank"

Techcombank's strength is created from a collective with the foundation of unity in thinking, in action.

4. Self-development: 

"To be able to grasp the opportunity of development with the Bank"

Techcomers always actively learn to improve their capabilities and to continually set higher goals for themselves along with the development and success of the Bank. Techcombank also creates conditions and opportunities for the staff to develop and to succeed.

5. Work efficiently:

"To bring about greater success with suitable resources"

With the goal of "All actions are directed towards specific and clear results", we always work with a plan and discipline in implementation, as well as ensure resources are allocated optimally.