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Online Deposit with prepaid interest

You want to save for the future, yet you need some money for immediate consumption. Through Savings with Prepaid Interest, you can receive interest upfront for investment and consumption. Flexible transfer of this savings product also enables you to be proactive in your financial decisions. Financial proactiveness is the key to your successes.
  • Benefits

    • Receive interest payment at the time of deposit for investment, trading or personal purchases.
    • Around-the-clock service through F@st i-Bank
    • Extremely simple and convenient without branch visit.
    • Attractive interest rate with diversified terms.
    • Safe and secure 
  • Features

    • Currency: VND.
    • Term: from 1 to 36 months
    • Minimum deposit: VND 1,000,000
    • Interest rate: flat during the deposit term.
    • Interest payment method: lump sum interest payment at the time of deposit. 
    • Premature settlement: The customer is entitled to enjoy call interest rate for the whole deposit as per the actual deposit period, the prepaid interest shall be deducted from the principal stated on the customer’s passbook.
    • Settlement at maturity: the customer is entitled to receive the whole principal. 
  • Eligible conditions

    • Eligible term depositor: Vietnamese citizens and foreigners who are allowed to live in Vietnam for 06 months and more.
    • For foreign customers: the deposit term shall not be longer than the remaining valid period of visa to Vietnam.
    • Have a current account opened with Techcombank. 
  • Usage