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Tiet kiem Dac Loc – Long tenor, high interest rate

Long-term Deposit has shown its strength in the context of movement in short term deposit interest rate. Techcombank, with a wish that our customers can have more options in term deposit and maximize their profits, officially introduces a new long-term deposit product named “Tiet Kiem Dac Loc”

In applying this product, customers at Techcombank can enjoy multiplied benefits:

-  Profit optimization;

-  Competitive interest rate in each period of time.


The product is offered to customers with minimum deposit of VND 100 million. Maximum tenor is up to 24 months and interest payment is processed at principle withdrawal.

Techcombank also supports to transfer the principal and interest amount of customers who are not coming for maturity to a non-interest current account at Techcombank.


For further details and consultancy, please kindly contact your dedicated Relationship Manager.